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Christine Wertheim


Website: http://christine-wertheim.com/


Phone: 661.255.1050 x2426

Fax: 661.255.0177

Room: E124

Teaching Interests: Verbo-visual poetry, contemporary experimental writing, 
feminist art history and theory, aesthetic theory and Pataphysics

Christine Wertheim is a poet, critic, performer and curator with a doctorate in literature and semiotics from Middlesex University, London. Her books include the poetic suite +|‘me’S-pace (Les Figues Press), Corpus, a chapbook from Triage, and the edited anthology Feminaissance (Les Figues Press). With Matias Viegener she organized an annual series of conferences on innovative writing from 2004 –2010: Séance, Noulipo, Impunities, Feminaissance, Untitled, and Untilted NY. From these they edited the anthologies Séance (Make Now Press) and The n/Oulipian Analaects (Les Figues Press), a Bomb Magazine Editor’s Choice for 2008. Her poetry has been anthologized in numerous collections including Against Expression, ed. C. Dworkin and K. Goldsmith (Northwestern University Press), The & Now Awards: The Best Innovative Writing, eds. R. Archambeau, D. Schneiderman and S. Tomasula (Lake Forest College Press), I’ll Drown My Book (Les Figues Press), and The LA Telephone Book, Vol. 1 2011-12, ed. Brian Kim Stephans. Recent poems appear in Mandorla and Hunter. She regularly writes critical pieces on art, literature and aesthetics, including for Cabinet, X-tra, The Quick and the Dead, Walker Art Center cat., and Patarcitical Interogation Techniques, vol 3, ed. Doug Harvey. She lectures and performs internationally, most recently at the Sorbonne, Birkbeck College, London, the University of Western Sydney, Melbourne University, and LaTrobe University, Melbourne.

With her sister Margaret she co-directs the Institute For Figuring (IFF), which curates exhibitions and seminars on the intersections of art, science and mathematics; most recently at the Smithsonian, the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, The Science Gallery, Dublin, the Museum Kunst der Westküste, Fohr, Germany, and The New Children’s Museum, San Diego. In 2011 the sisters received the Theo Westenberger Grant for Outstanding Female Artists from the Autry National Center. In February 2012 the IFF opened a new space in downtown LA with the exhibition Physics on the Fringe, selected as a Best of LA by the LA Weekly, 2012.

Research and teaching interests include verbo-visual and sound poetry, feminist art history, aesthetic theory and ‘pataphysics.  Her new book Mutters and Babels is forthcoming from Couterpath Books in 2013. For more information see http://christine-wertheim.com/ and http://theiff.org/

+|‘Me’S-pace by Benjamin Tripp

The Noulipian Analects by Tom La Farge

THE NOULIPIAN ANALECTS is a comprehensive, alphabetical survey of constraint-based writing in modern English, in the tradition of Oulipo…. More encyclopedically, the Analects are 'An Alpha Bestiary of Exogenously Exotic Essays and Dazzlingly Delectable Design, Complexly Charismatic Constraints and Occasional Oulipian Outrages, Thoughtful Theoretical Threads and Ludicrously Ludic Limits, Gutsy Gender Gaiety and Dantesque Destinies Detourned, Quixotic Queneau Quests and Cocky Combinatorial Collisions, Real Rubber Roses & Radiantly Removed R's...What We Weary Wanton Woeful Whimsical Wanderers Willingly Want’--Charles Bernstein

Impunities – 2006 Conference

CABINET // Untitled New York: Speculations on the Expanded Field ...

In Conversation

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Matias Viegener and Christine Wertheim, editors


Recent Praise for the IFF

The mandate of the IFF is “to rehabilitate the sciences from their paradoxical reputation as harbingers of a posthuman anesthetic gray haze and to recognize them for the sensually hardwired, beyond-psychedelic, non-verbal languages that they are,” Doug Harvey, ARTVOICES Magazine, 2012





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