Name Email Phone Room
Tracie Costantino
Provost (661) 255-1050 ext. 2124
Tina Courtney
Office Assistant 661-253-7846 F201
Samuel Crawford
Performing Arts Librarian 661-253-7882 D200C
Laura Creed
Director of Development
Schools of Critical Studies and Art F303
Darion Crockett
Customer Care Technician, Information Technology 661.253.7887 E200G
Brett Cunningham
Christina Dailey
Inclusion and Multicultural Coordinator 661-554-9960 D214A
Jason Dailey
Director Customer Engagement
Jesse Damazo
Associate Director of Enrollment Management Communications 661-253-7857 F303
Hilary Darling
Director of Summer Institute
Adjunct Faculty 661-253-7724 F301
BK Dawson
Admissions Counselor
School of Theater 661-554-0732 F303
Mariela DeMaio
Administrative Coordinator
Office of the President
-- Donn B. Tatum Lounge/Coffee Bar
Central Office 661-621-2795 (direct/external calls) / ext. 2638 (internal calls) D213
John Drinkwater
Customer Care Technician
Lauren Driscoll
Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Events and Volunteers
Office of Advancement
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty