Name Email Phone Room
Lina Christie
Assistant Learning Designer 661-253-7719
Therese Colvin
Associate Registrar 661-291-3424 F207
Tracie Costantino
Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs 661-554-9883 A207D
Andy Covell
Interim Director of Total Rewards
Samuel Crawford
Performing Arts Librarian 661-253-7882 E200A
Laura Creed
Senior Director of Development, Principal Gifts
Schools of Critical Studies and Art 661-253-7718 F301
Darion Crockett
Customer Care Technician, Information Technology 661.253.7887 E200G
Allison Crolla
Administrative Coordinator F201
Brett Cunningham
Christina Dailey
Inclusion and Multicultural Coordinator 661-554-9960 D214A
Jason Dailey
Director, Customer Engagement
Information Technology
Hilary Darling
Director of Programs & Curriculum Development 661-253-7724
Paul Davis
Campus Safety Officer
Royal Dawson De Quiroz
Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness 661-253-7809 F300
Mayra Delgadillo
Paralegal 661-253-7845 F300I
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty