Name Email Phone Room
Martin Rodriguez
Custodian 661-253-1050, x2760 D104f
Liliana Rodriguez
Psychological Therapist 661-291-3436 F201H
Daniel Rodriguez
George Romano
Director, Building Maintenance 661.222.2756 D100
Christine Rosa
Faculty, Library and Information Resources
Access Services Librarian
Philip Samuel Rosenblum
Staff, Office of Student Experience
Major Events Coordinator
Vanessa Rossel
Staff, CAP
Marvin Salazar
Lead Custodian 661-255-1050, x2760 D104f
Abigail Salling
Assistant to the Office of the President 661-253-7820
Lena Sands
Staff, CAP
Wenjuan Sang
Institutional Research Analyst
Maya Sassoon
Staff, CAP
Nicolas Savignano
Institute Videographer/Editor 661-253-7870 A306
Patrick Schmid
Admissions Review Coordinator
Lee Anne Schmitt
Co-Director, Film Directing Program
Director of Faculty Affairs 661-255-1050 x2152 E42
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty