Name Email Phone Room
Amy Landes
Director of Financial Aid
Harry Le Grande
Interim Vice President of Student Experience
Marc Ledezma
Manager, Campus Custodial Services 661-222-2760
Michael Leibenluft
Staff, Office of the President
Robert Lence
Faculty, Global Initiatives
Susan Lowenberg
Interim Dean, Information Resources Librarian 661.253.7888 D200-J
Sandra Luca
Assistant Provost, Academic Advising and Student Success
Debi Lundstrom
Institute Scheduler & Service Center Coordinator 661-253-7717 D101
Urbano Magana
Custodial 661.255.1050 x2760 D104F
Meghan Magno
Assistant Director, Advancement Services 661-222-2745 F207
Annette Mann
Payroll Specialist I 661.255.1050 x2626 A210
Chebon Marshall
Chief of Staff
Assistant to the President for Government/Community Affairs 661-253-7814
Javier Martinez-Gutierrez
Staff, Facilities Management
Sara Mathov
Associate Vice President, Capital Facilities Planning F305
Kim McAlpine
Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives 661-554-9533 F201N
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty