Name Email Phone Room
Amy Basen
Film Services Manager, Division of Library and Information Resources 661-253-7886 D205-G
John Belcher
Grounds, Landscape, & Roads 661-255-1050 x2723 D104C
Adrianna Bennett
Institute Academic Advisor
Henderson Blumer
Manager, Engagement, Events & Volunteers
Office of Advancement and Alumnx Relations 661-222-2752 F303
Spencer Boshers
Facilities Staff
Ryan Boshers
Campus Safety Officer
Jennifer Boshers
Store Operations Manager
Margaret-Suzann Bowman
Procurement Coordinator/Project Manager
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Eric Bowman
Temporary Staff
Brittney Brady
Assistant Director of Admissions
School of Theater 661-222-2716 F303
Alex Broadwell
Kiara Brown
Director of Board Governance and Relations
Aisha Bunch
Cafe Cashier-Bon Appetit
Luis Edward Carrillo
Accounting Manager
Susana Castagna Martinez
Data Coordinator 661-554-9852 F303
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty