Name Email Phone Room
Diane Shaw
Technical Processing Manager
Division of Library and Information Resources 661-291-3067 D205A
William Sheehan
Payroll Specialist
Melissa Shepherd-Williams
Psychotherapist LMFT, MFC 37794 661-253-7871 F201H
Dianna Sherick
General Manager, Bon Appetit at California Institute of the Arts 661-554-0646
Mathias Silvereagle
Cafe Cashier-Bon Appetit
Dionne Simmons
Director, Community Rights and Responsibilities
Title IX Coordinator 661-291-3019 F303G
Buko Sinigayan
Project Manager, Capital Facilities Planning 661-253-7899
Stuart Smith
Director of Creative Services, Office of Communications
Visiting Faculty, School of Art 661-222-2784 F202B
Debbie Stears
Project Manager 661-554-0625 F305
Sara Strickland
Assistant for Board Governance and Relations F300
Wes Sullivan
Director of Enrollment Management Systems F303F
Alexandra Svab
Senior Administrative Assistant 661-291-3064
Debbie Synnott
Project Manager 661-253-7705 D104A
Maranatha Tan
Senior Accounting Manager
Accounting Office 661-291-3097
Evan Tapper
Dean of Extended Studies 661-222-2756
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty