Name Email Phone Room
Rosy Esquivel
Cafe Cashier-Bon Appetit
Jorge Ferro
Application Developer 661-291-3078 E200G
Marylou Ferry
Interim Vice President, Marketing and Communications F305A
Suzanne Finne
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration | Chief Financial Officer
Office of Finance & Administration 661-253-7835 F306
Camille Flowers
Cafe Cashier-Bon Appetit
Kahlil Ford
Director of Institutional Research
Jessi Forrest
International Student Advisor & Sunapsis Administrator, PDSO & ARO 661-554-9851 F207C
Drew Foster
Staff, Office of the President
David Fox
Campus Safety Officer
Sherilyn Froehlich
Assistant Director 661-222-2758 A210
Johana Fuentes
Cafe Cashier-Bon Appetit
Nelly Garayan-Bakirci
Educational Aide Remote
Rebecca Garcia
Assistant to the Controller, Loan Coordinator 661-222-2755 F201C
Maria Garibay
Custodial 661-253-7807 D100
Leilyan Gereigorian
Senior Financial Analyst
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty