Name Email Phone Room
Kevin Whitmire
Assistant Director of Admission, School of Dance 661-253-7771 F303
Socks Whitmore
Staff, Office of Advancement
Bridgette Wilder
Vice President/Chief Human Resource Officer 661/253-7837
Laurie Williams
Accounts Payable 661.253.7848 F201E
Jamie Williams
Colleague Project Manager, Information Technology 818-497-6407 E200G
Joshua Winklhofer
Staff, CAP
Joshua Winklhofer
Staff, CAP
Barbara Wolken
Administrative Assistant 661-253-7807
Steven Worley
Customer Care Technician
Mengxi Yang
Staff, CAP
Amia Yokoyama
Staff, CAP
Cesar Zendejas
Custodial 661-255-1050 x2760 D104f
Christine Ziemba
Director of Digital Content 661-253-7735 F201I
Taya Zoormandan
Digital Content and Social Media Producer
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty