Name Email Phone Room
Ryan Sizemore
Executive Director, Human Resources 661-253-7797
Stuart Smith
Director of Creative Services, Office of Communications
Visiting Faculty, School of Art 661-222-2784 F202B
Rhiannon Smith
Assistant Instructor, CAP
Matthew Smith
Instructor, CAP
Debbie Stears
Production Manager 661-554-0625 F305
Sara Strickland
Assistant for Board Governance and Relations F300
Wes Sullivan
Director of Enrollment Management Systems F303F
Heather Suran
Manager, Special Projects 661-291-3435 F303
Maranatha Tan
Senior Accounting Manager
Accounting Office 661-291-3097
Nicole Taylor Rowe
Financial Analyst ll 661-222-2754
Josh Tenzer
Customer Care Technician
John Thomas
Director, Security & Risk Management 661.291.3074 D100
Gina Thomas
Institute Scheduler & Service Center Coordinator 661-255-1050 x2160 D101
Chris Thoren
Building Maintenance 661.255.1050 x2714 D104B
Michael Toner
Staff, Facilities Management
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty