Melissanthi Saliba

Melissanthi Saliba

Melissanthi Saliba is a designer, web developer and artist working through a spectrum of multiple media forms and disciplines. She holds a BS in Media and Culture and an MFA in Design and Media Arts from UCLA.

Driven by her interest in social sciences she has developed a humanist, user-centered approach that permeates all aspects of her practice, spanning from Ideation, Research and Development, Strategy, User Experience, User Interface, Web Development, Print Design and Installation Art.  

Motivation, storytelling, empathy, pragmatic optimism, contextualization and empowerment are ideas central to the work she creates from concept to completion.

Melissanthi’s work on Open-Air Cinemas has been published by Intellect Ltd. & University Of Chicago Press, while her critique of the show "Made-Up: Design’s fictions" appeared at the Design and Culture Journal: The Journal of the Design Studies Forum, published by Berg Journals. Her artwork has been featured by Etapes magazine and M/I/S/C and has been presented at the ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts).

She has served as an instructor at the department of Design and Media Arts of UCLA, teaching undergraduates and young high school students introductory courses to Typography.

She joined CalArts in 2015 to be part of the team that redesigned the main CalArts website ( and has since then remained to the department of Marketing and Communications. Her role touches upon multiple aspects of the CalArts online presence and its involvement with its digital community. 

She is responsible for the maintenance and the expansion of the existing CalArts websites, as well as the creation of new ones from concept to completion (Research and Development, User Experience, User Interface and Development).