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Name Email Phone Room
-- Ticket Office
Central Office 661-253-7826
Janessa Boom
Digital Content and Social Media Producer F305D
Jennifer Boshers
Store Operations Manager
Marylou Ferry
Interim Vice President, Marketing and Communications F305A
Rafael Hernandez
Photography/Video Services Manager
Art Faculty 661-255-1050 x2041 A306A
Daniel In
Lead Web Developer/Designer F202B
Julie Moon
Graphic Designer 661-255-1050 x2250 F202B
Denise Nelson
Senior Director, Office of Communications 661-253-7826 F305B
-- Office of Communications
Central Office 661-222-2782 F305
Nicolas Savignano
Institute Videographer/Editor 661-253-7870 A306
Gagandeep Singh
Web Developer/Designer F202B
Stuart Smith
Director of Creative Services, Office of Communications
Visiting Faculty, School of Art - Program in Graphic Design 661-222-2784 F202B
Debbie Stears
Production Manager 661-554-0625 F305
Christine Ziemba
Director of Content 661-253-7735 F305C
Taya Zoormandan
Digital Content and Social Media Producer F305D
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty