Arne De Boever

Arne De Boever

Arne De Boever (PhD Columbia, 2009) teaches American Studies in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts, where he also directs the School’s MA Program in Aesthetics and Politics. He has published numerous articles on literature, film, and critical theory and is editor of Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy. He also edits the critical theory/philosophy section of the Los Angeles Review of Books. He is a member of the boundary 2 collective and an Advisory Editor for Oxford Literary Review

Arne’s research focuses on critical theory and the contemporary novel. While his first book States of Exception in the Contemporary Novel (Continuum, 2012) dealt with the fate of the novel in the post-9/11 era, his most recent book Narrative Care: Biopolitics and the Novel (Bloomsbury, 2013) investigates the novel’s relation to biopolitics through a study of contemporary narratives of care. 

He is currently at work on a new book project, tentatively titled Finance Fictions, which deals with psychosis in the contemporary American finance novel. Hannah Wallenfels at Merve (Berlin) summarized the project nicely in a single image:

Finance Fictions

In critical theory, Arne's research and writing have addressed the thought of Giorgio Agamben (The Work of Giorgio Agamben, The Agamben Dictionary, Law and Critique), Michel Foucault (Foucault Studies, Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory), Gilbert Simondon (Cahiers Simondon), Catherine Malabou (theory@buffalo), Peter Sloterdijk (Multitudes), and Bernard Stiegler (Occasion). Some of his current research revolves around the question of aesthetic education in the work of Jacques Rancière. He has translated essays by Malabou, Stiegler, Alexander García Düttmann, and Frédéric Neyrat. One of the translators of Gilbert Simondon’s Psychic and Collective Individuation (forthcoming with the U of Minnesota P), he has also edited (with Alex Murray, Jon Roffe, and Ashley Woodward) Parrhesia’s special issue on Simondon (which includes his translation of Simondon’s “Technical Mentality”), and Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology (Edinburgh UP, 2012; read a review here). Parrhesia's issue 14 includes his translation of Simondon's letter to Jacques Derrida, "On Techno-Aesthetics". He was one of the speakers at the "Gilbert Simondon et l'invention du futur" conference at the Centre Culturel International de Cérisy (2013). One of the nicer consequences of all this work was that he ended up being interviewed for François Lagarde's documentary film Simondon du désert (2012). Arne's book of aesthetic and political theory, Plastic Sovereignties: Agamben and the Politics of Aesthetics, was published in the Incitements series by Edinburgh University Press in October 2016.

With artist and theorist Warren Neidich, he edited The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part One (Archive Press, 2013), the book based on a conference he organized with Neidich in Los Angeles. With Jonathan Roffe, Bill Ross, and Ashley Woodward, he edits the "Groundworks" series for the philosophy catalogue of Rowman & Littlefield International.

Arne’s courses at the undergraduate and graduate level have dealt with the September 11 novel, superhero politics, biopolitics, Giorgio Agamben, philosophies of care, generation X, and posthumanism. At CalArts, he tested the limits and limitations of aesthetic education by putting together an interdisciplinary course cluster on bioart (Fall 2010). In the Fall of 2012, he was Visiting Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Some recent news:
  • January 2017: my boundary 2 special issue about aesthetics in the work of Bernard Stiegler will be published. Mock-up cover below.

    boundary 2

  • November 2016: For those who read Flemish/Dutch, I wrote something about Schiller, Rancière, and aesthetic education for the Belgian contemporary art magazine De Witte Raaf.

    De Witte Raaf

  • Fall 2016: "Realism's Staccato" (lecture and workshop) at University of Pennsylvania, 11/08 and 11/09. 
  • Summer 2016: Presenting "Real Disruption" and participating in two roundtables at Coloquio PAC in Oaxaca.
  • Spring 2016: Presenting new work (lecture and workshop) at "Questions of Scale" (03/23-25, University of Ghent, Belgium) and "Writing and Insecurity" (03/31-04/01, University of Brighton, UK). 
  • Spring 2015: Presented new work from my Finance Fictions book project on May 17th in Berlin, on May 20th in Barcelona, and on May 29th in Leuven (Belgium).
  • March 2015: Tried out "Financial Realism" at University of Notre Dame, and I also spoke at Gallery 400.
  • Out now: Parrhesia 20. With two new translations.
  • Happy to announce that I've joined the boundary 2 collective.
  • 10/31/2014: Talk at "Biopolitical Afterlives: A Symposium", American Communities Program, CalState Los Angeles.
  • New: Rowman and Littlefield International's new Global Aesthetic Research book series, publishing cutting-edge research in aesthetics.
  • Workshop at UC Berkeley April 18th, 2014 with Catherine Malabou and others.
  • Finance Fictions-related review of Cristina Alger's The Darlings in LARB.
  • Parrhesia issue 17 out now--featuring two new translations.
  • LARB essay on Yann Martel's novel Life of Pi and Ang Lee's film of the book. Also featured on Salon. Spanish translation in La Maleta de Portbou.
  • Berlin workshop about States of ExceptionNarrative Care, and new book project, Finance Fictions. More info here.

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