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Michael Bryant

Faculty, Associate Dean, School of Critical Studies


Phone: 661.255.1050 x2241

Fax: 661.255.0177

Room: E125

Mike Bryant is a biologist and a statistician.  His research has appeared in several scientific journals: Science, Nature, American Naturalist, Ecology, PLoS, Animal Behaviour and Environmental Biology OF Fishes.  Mike’s research interests in biology include functional anatomy, animal behavior and life history evolution.  One unexpected discovery was that female Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata) have a prolonged post reproductive lifespan (AKA: menopause).

Recently Mike has put the analytic tools used to study and make comparisons of the lives of freshwater fish to conduct longitudinal studies of students in the California’s primary schools as part of a National Science Foundation funded study on how to improve K12 mathematics and science education.  Mike has also put individual based statistical methodologies to use for generating art as a collaborator in Grisha Coleman’s Echo::System project.

Mike is the Assistant Dean and Director of the new Teaching and Learning Center located in the Library.

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