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Robert Dansby

Director, Print and Media Lab

Technical faculty


Phone: 661.253.7829, 661.255.1050 x2326

Fax: 661.259.5871

Room: B100 (P-lab)

Robert Dansby has exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore, Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Arttopos, Athens, Catalyst, Berlin, Medienturm, Graz, Kunsten, Aalborg, the Palmer Museum and the Robeson Gallery, University Park,  ISEA, Ars Electronica,  Gourmetbeats and Crosscurrents.

He has contributed to Res magazine, ISEA Journal, East of Borneo and Medienturm Issue / Kommentare.

His works are included in the collections of The Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts in Los Angeles, The Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center in Los Angeles and The Getty Center for Art and Humanities in Santa Monica.

He has collaborated on object multiples with John Baldessari, Russell Crotty, Sam Durant, Charles Gaines, Jiggs, Ed Ruscha and Keiji Shinohara.

He has collaborated on various media projects including Step and Repeat (Valparaiso, Los Angeles, Trip, Pittsburgh, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico City, Pulau Ubin, Indonesia and Tokyo Cycles), Braille Code Prints, Open Air, Radiotopia, Long Night of Radio, Crosscurrents, Flipping the Grid, and Metamorphosis with Carlos Rosas,  Hollyhock House with Chris Peters and Carlos Rosas, The Last Variety Show, Applause, The Diatom and nightradioremixes with Chris Peters, Courier, One Day in 1999, Coast to Coast, Little Movies, It's Still Life, The Day of the Act, The Smell of Gasoline, A Vicious Circle, Waiting For Julius, Mysteries, The Travels of Marco Polo, Bricks and Better Than Wine  with Charles Tashiro, sound projects dansby/kiefer and nightradioremixes with Tim Kiefer/DJ Staypuft, and Kameleon VIP with 2562.

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