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Gordon Kurowski

Chief Video Engineer and Technical Faculty


Phone: 661.255.1050 x2603 or x2443

Fax: 661.253.7824

Room: C105A

Notes: Semester I

Gordon Kurowski, Chief Video Engineer, School of Film/Video came to CalArts in 1996 with 20 years experience as an audio and video engineer. During his varied career he has produced animation for Time/Warner children's videos, video for government, corporate, educational and entertainment clients, and mixed live audio for radio stations, Ventura and Los Angeles County community events and a thousand rock and punk bands. Gordon has taught college courses in digital photography, multi-media, and video production. At CalArts he teaches technical courses in studio techniques that incorporate analog and digital hybrid processes and oversees scheduling and maintenance of the School of Film/Video production studios and labs. As an artist, Gordon creates live improvisational soundscapes in solo performance and in ensembles with tenor sax, baroque recorders, theremin, electric bass and external processors. His endless quest is for “the sound never previously heard.”

Link: https://vimeo.com/80493501

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