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Gordon Kurowski

Chief Video Engineer and Technical Faculty


Phone: 661.255.1050 x2603 or x2443

Fax: 661.253.7824

Room: C105A

Notes: Semester I

Gordon Kurowski, Video Engineer, School of Film/Video came to CalArts in 1996 with 20 years experience as an audio and video engineer. During his variegated career he has produced animation for Time/Warner children's videos, produced video for government, corporate, educational and entertainment clients, and mixed live audio for radio stations, Ventura and Los Angeles County community events and a thousand rock and punk bands. Gordon has taught college courses in digital photography, multi-media, and video production. At CalArts he teaches technical courses in video studio techniques and oversees scheduling and maintenance of the School of Film/Video production studios and labs.

Gordon still plays tenor saxophone.

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