Name Email Phone Room
Bree Howard
Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost 661.253.7896 F300E
Christina Huang
Jennifer Hutton
Project Director, Online Education and Research 661-222-2749 x2749 F302
Rachel Iba
Brooke Irish
Anna Jablonski
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment & Associate Provost for Student Success 661-253-7843 F303
Blake Jacobsen
Image Services Manager 661-291-3050
Blake Jacobsen
Library Staff
Kris James
Manager, Network and Server Operations, Information Technology 661.222.2788
Korey Janse
Director of Advancement Services 661-222-2748 F207
Donia Jarrar
Admissions Counselor, School of Music 661-253-7841 F303
Sophia Jimenez
Cafe Cashier-Bon Appetit
Sheldon Jones
Staff, Facilities Management
661.253.7807 D100
Aaron Jonker
Customer Engagement Manager, Information Technology 661.253.7887 E200G
Ajay Kapur
Associate Dean for Research and Development in Digital Arts, Office of the President
Director, Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence and Design (MTIID) 661.255.1050 x2544 B300
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty