Name Email Phone Room Tags
Central Office 213-237-2816 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Carmen Amengual
Exhibitions Manager 213-237-2813 REDCAT Staff
Steve Anker
Program in Film and Video Faculty 661-291-3031 E56 Film/Video Faculty, Film and Video, REDCAT Staff
Bill Ballou
Technical Director 213-237-2820 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Cory Beers
Lounge Manager 213-237-2809 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Sally Bickerton
Director of Leadership Gifts 661-253-7728 F207 Advancement, REDCAT Staff
Jacques Boudreau
Facilities Operations & Installation Manager 213-237-2822 REDCAT Staff
Yi Chang
Box Office Manager 213-237-2819 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Vivian Chen
Head Projectionist 213-237-2836 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Kelly Hargraves
Marketing & Media Manager 213-237-2873 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Matthew Johns
Associate Technical Director, Lighting 213-237-2808 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Elena Minor
Finance & Personnel Manager 213-237-2815 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Edgar Miramontes
Associate Director 213-237-2814 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Pete Pace
Associate Technical Director, Sound/Video 213-237-2821 REDCAT REDCAT Staff
Lauren Pratt
Music Producer
Career Development Advisor 661-222-2776 B322B Music Administration, Music Faculty, Music Staff, REDCAT Staff
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty