Name Email Phone Room
-- The Center for Integrated Media
Central Office
661-291-3003 C108B
Fy Fylak
Integrated Media Assistant 661-291-3003 C108
Hillary Kapan
Experimental Animation and Integrated Media Faculty 661.253.7767 E204E/F103
Tom Leeser
Director, School of Art - Program in Art and Technology
Director, The Center for Integrated Media 661-291-3004 C108B
Jeffrey Liang
Kai-Luen Liang
Dongpu Ling
Integrated Media Assistant
Olivia Mole
Francesca Penzani
Faculty, Dance Film
Faculty, Integrated Media 661-255-1050 x2403 E123G
Stephanie Cheng Smith
Faculty, Integrated Media 661-253-7832 F201P
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty