Name Email Phone Room
Katie Gately
Experimental Animation Faculty
Aimee Goguen
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Experimental Animation
Juan Pablo González
Co-Director, Film Directing Program
Film Directing Program Faculty 661-291-3026 E37
Silvia Grav
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Milton Guillén
Program in Film and Video Faculty
Jessica Hanna
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Film Directing Program
John Hawk
Associate Director, Program in Film and Video; Program in Film and Video Faculty 661-255-1050 x2201 E120
David Hess
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Chris Hill
Associate Dean, External and Student Affairs
Program in Film and Video Faculty 661-255-1050 x2421 E204D
Justin Hogan
Head of Production Services 661-255-1050 x2633 E204C
Marjan Hormozi
Character Animation Faculty 661-253-3318 A221
Robert Huth
Character Animation Faculty
Daniel Hynes
Character Animation Faculty 661-255-1050 x3318 A221
Todd Jansen
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Character Animation
Mindy Johnson
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty