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Mone "Medusa" Smith

Mone "Medusa" Smith



In one of the rooms in the hip-hop culture house engraved on the walls” Is a live account of the 1 Super Soul Sista, who has the blessing to be dubbed “the Angela Davis of hip-hop”. Starting off MCing as a 16- year old pop-locker, Medusa continues to cultivate hip-hop seeds in South Central and across across the country in unprecedented numbers.

You will find no other who will bring it to you like this, someone’s music that makes you feel strong, proud, and encourages with the manner of ONE Love. “Coming up in the LA scene, she honed her skills” At the Good Life café and Leimert Park’s “Project Blowed” Workshop, around Freestyle Fellowship, Black Eye Peas, Macy Grey, and Xzibit, being the first in the LA hip hop scene with a live band. After blessing her already growing fans with her EP, “Do It The Way You Feel It”, Medusa gained an even stronger fan base overseas, in the country, on college campuses across the nation, and has virtually become a guru to the underground hip-hop scene and artistic community.

She is respected and adored as a Queen to the word and power of her music and what she stands for, not just the fact that she’s the undisputed Queen of West Coast underground hip-hop."