Name Email Phone Room
-- School of Critical Studies
Central Office
661-253-7803 E123J
-- Writing Center
Main Office 661-253-7785
Barton Aikman
Faculty, School of Critical Studies
Bill Alschuler
Faculty 661-255-1050 x2406 E119
Piers Armstrong
Faculty, School of Critical Studies
Amanda Beech
Dean 661-253-7804 E123Y
Adam Berg
Adjunct Faculty 661-255-1050 x2411 E130
Jo Berryman
Faculty Emeritus
Gidget Brogdon
Adjunct Faculty 661-255-1050 x2409 E118
Michael Bryant
Associate Dean
Faculty 661-255-1050 x2241 E125
Tisa Bryant
Faculty 661-255-1050 x2412 E129
Amanda Cachia
Gabrielle Civil
Andrew Culp
Faculty 661-253-7803 x2025 E115
Arne De Boever
Program Director 661-255-1050 x2411 E130
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty