Name Email Phone Room
Anne Militello
Head of Lighting Design
amilitello@calarts.edu 661-253-7749 E307
Anthony Nikolchev
Faculty, Movement
anikolchev@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E311
Daniel Passer
Faculty, Acting
Associate Director of Performance
dpasser@calarts.edu 661-253-2739 E109
Elizabeth Pickens
epickens@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E123-O
Jane Pickett
Faculty, Writing for Performance
jpickett@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E123-O
Travis Preston
Dean, Head of Directing
Artistic Director, CalArts Center for New Performance
tpreston@calarts.edu 661-222-2773 E123X
Vincent Richards
Faculty, School of Theater
Joe Rohde
Faculty, Narrative and Immersive Environments
jrohde@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E123-O
Rachel Scandling
Faculty, Producing
Producer, CalArts Center for New Performance
rscandling@calarts.edu 661-255 1050 x2014 E123-R
Heidi Jo Scheller
Faculty, Voice
hscheller@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E123-O
Shannon Scrofano
Associate Director of Experience Design and Production
sscrofano@calarts.edu 661-291-3401 E123Q
Evelyn Serrano
Faculty, Theater History
eserrano@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E123-O
Amanda Shank
Faculty, School of Theater
Associate Dean
ashank@calarts.edu 661-291-3055 E123V
Bree Sherry
Kristin Showalter
Faculty, Applied Arts
kshowalter@calarts.edu 661-253-7853 E123-O
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty