Name Email Phone Room
Michael Darling
Head of Technical Direction 661-291-3080 E308
Bart DeLorenzo
Faculty, Theater History 661-253-7853 E111
Snehal Desai
Kate DeWall
Master Electrician 661-291-3029 E651
Heather Ehlers
Faculty, Movement 661-291-3020 E311
Christopher Fairbanks
Theater Faculty
Peter Flaherty
Head of Interactive Media for Performance 661-253-2514 E312
Geir Foshaug
Scene Shop Manager 661-291-3060 E306A
Estela Garcia
Faculty, Movement 661-253-7853 E123-O
Westley Garcia-Encines
Director of Operations 661-253-7834 E123-O
Janie Geiser
Faculty, Puppetry 661-222-2738 E312
Mary Louise Gemmill
Voice-Over 661-253-7853 E123-O
Jennifer Gilbert
Jon Gottlieb
Head of Sound Design 661-222-2734 E112
Asher Hartman
Theater History 661-253-7853 E123-O
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty