Name Email Phone Room
Shannon Scrofano
Associate Director of Design and Production 661-291-3401 E123Q
Deena Selenow
Evelyn Serrano
Faculty, Theater History 661-253-7853 E123-O
Amanda Shank
Faculty, School of Theater
Special Assistant to the Dean, School of Theater 661-291-3055 E123V
Bree Sherry
Nicholas Shoob
Theater faculty
Kristin Showalter
Faculty, Applied Arts 661-253-7853 E123-O
Jennifer Slattery
Faculty 661-253-2705 E315
Toni Smith
Faculty, Speech 661-253-7853 E109
Adam J. Smith
Performance Program Coordinator, Faculty
Director of Financial Aid 661-253-7840 E123-Q
Patrick Smith
Production Associate 661-253-7853 E301A
Michael Smith
Faculty, Scene Design 661-291-3057 E107
Judith Teitelman
Faculty 661-253-7853 E123-O
Jeremiah Thies
Faculty 661-253-7853 E123-O
Mark Thomas
Theater faculty
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty