Name Email Phone Room
Christopher Kuhl
Theater faculty
Andrea LeBlanc
Associate Dean
Co-Head of BFA Acting 661-291-3022 E123-2
Jonathan Lebovic
Tanya Lee
Costume Shop Manager 661-253-7850 E103E
Damian Lewis
Co-Head of BFA Acting
Voice and Speech Faculty 661-255-1050 x7908 E123-U
Rafael Lopez-Barrantes
Faculty, Voice 661-253-7853 E111
Amber Larosa
Faculty 661-253-7853 E123-O
Rose Malone
Abby Marcus
Theater Faculty, Creative Producing and Management
Managing Director, CalArts Center for New Performance 661-255-1050 x2310 E123-R
Babette Markus
Faculty, Alexander Technique 661-253-7853 E123-O
Ilaria Mazzoleni
Faculty 661-253-7853 E123-O
Ellen McCartney
Director of Design and Production; Head of Costume Design 661-291-3401 E123-3
Jason McManus
Faculty, Experience Design 661-253-7853 E123-O
Charles McNulty
Faculty 661-253-7853 E123-O
Anne Militello
Head of Lighting Design 661-253-7749 E307
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty