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Shelley Stepp

Technical Faculty, School of Art

Director, MacLab


Phone: 661.253.7796

Fax: 661.259.5871

Room: A107D

Shelley Stepp is a designer interested in the contemporary interpretation of the landscape, including botanical herbaria and pomologies and the collaborative process between graphic designer and landscape designer. Pedagogically she expands the definition of graphic designer as “translator in the natural world” through the process of discovery and active experiential learning using it as a fresh model for stimulating student-directed learning. Shelley has collaborated on several projects at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater where she recently taught a summer Teacher Institute. Currently she is collaborating on a California Central Coast seaweed project.

Shelley is technical faculty and mentor for the graphic design program at CalArts. She formalized the CalArts Graphic Design Poster Archive, documenting a visual history of the program from the 1970s to the present through collecting, archiving and disseminating screen printed posters.

Shelley serves as site coordinator for the CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) Digital Media Program, where she teaches project driven design to high school students. Additionally she teaches in the ArtsCOOL program through a partnership between CAP and the Los Angeles Unified School District Arts Education Branch and Educational Options Program. Students attending Henry David Thoreau and J.R. Wooden High Schools design site specific landscape projects.

Published work is included in the following books: Graphic! Design History: A Critical Guide by Johanna Drucker, Typography 27, Emigre #30, Typography, Digital Type, Typographics 1, Typography Now Two, and her work has been requested for the permanent collections of The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry and the Museum Fur Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany. Previously she was the recipient of a three year California Arts Council grant.

Shelley received a BFA in graphic design from Oregon State University 1990 and an MFA in graphic design from CalArts 1994.

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