Shaurjya Banerjee

Shaurjya Banerjee

Shaurjya Banerjee is a kinetic sculptor, fabricator, electronics designer, drone pilot and amateur astronomer based in Los Angeles, California.

He is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is centered around the intersection of old and new media technologies, and provoking conversations about the nature of sight and sound and their relationship to technology and the human sensory experience.

​Shaurjya graduated from CalArts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Technology in 2018, during which he studied extensively under the Technical Direction and Experimental Animation faculty. He also had the honor of being an apprentice to Trimpin - internationally renowned kinetic sculptor, sound artist, and inventor based in Seattle - who nurtured his fascination with mechanical and electrical engineering within the context of art and technology.

Shaurjya has been a self-educated maker and tinkerer since his childhood and has been passionate about finding out how things work for as long as he can remember. These skills allowed him to serve as Technical Designer and Control Systems Technologist at Mindrix, Inc from 2018 - 2021.

He is passionate about making and designing things and learning about the architecture of our material world.