Name Email Phone Room
Pia Borg
Experimental Animation Faculty 661-253-2763 A115B
Betzy Bromberg
Program in Film and Video Faculty 661-253-7747 E204G
Musa Brooker
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Experimental Animation
Steve Brown
Associate Director, Character Animation Program 661-255-1050 x3318 A221P
Jheanelle Brown
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Program in Film and Video
Zaina Bseiso
Program in Film and Video Faculty
Maija Burnett
Director, Character Animation; Character Animation Faculty
Assistant Dean, School of Film/Video 661-222-2761 A221E
Nicholas Butera
Character Animation Faculty
Lilli Carre
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Giulia Caruso
Film Directing Faculty
Ray Chang
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Stephen Chiodo
Experimental Animation Faculty 661-291-3000 BB#4-H
Heehyun Choi
Staff, School of Film/Video
Mallory Coronado
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Nathan Crow
Director of Technology and Operations 661-291-3040 E104B
* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty